Alexandra Rene: “Success Can Be Taught”

People who overcame untold rejections in the pursuit of success in the business landscape would wear these setbacks as badges of honor. True enough, entering the cutthroat competition in the corporate world is inherently designed to weed out the half-hearted ones. But with the right mindset and steadfast determination, victors will surely rise above the chaos and uncertainties.

As someone who experienced countless disapprovals throughout her life, Alexandra Rene had her fair share of disheartening struggles. Being a dreamer, all that Alexandra ever wanted in life was to excel in the spheres of sales and marketing. But her disposition at that time failed to keep up with the demands of the industry. And in her final moments, while working in corporate sales, her constant failures led her to the edge of losing her job.

While some yield to the fetters of disappointment, Alexandra’s undeterred spirit kept herself from falling apart. On the contrary, these repudiations helped her gain a better perspective on things — that the problem surrounding her apparent ineptitude is beyond her supposed lack of skill in sales.

Despite her shortcomings, Alexandra was, in fact, equipped with the basic tools in understanding the complexities behind sales and marketing. She was able to finish a number of sales courses in college and attended a myriad of training sessions. But as Alexandra entered reality, she realized how school only taught her theories and not the application of them.

Recognizing this gap between concept and implementation, Alexandra thought it’s best to revolutionize the sales coaching scene. Awakened with this far-reaching idea, Alexandra created Team Momentum — a coaching and consulting services company designed to educate, empower, and provide opportunities for service-based entrepreneurs.

What seemed to be the first revolutionary step towards bridging the unspoken gap was actually a scar from the previous battles that Alexandra religiously fought. All her life, she was told by upper management of her inadequacies. As a result of these painful experiences, she built her company around the belief that no one is born with the perfect skills to conquer the industry — it is something that is developed out of proper nurture, coupled with the right psyche.

With this in mind, Team Momentum’s idea of refined cultivation is done through a program called “The S.A.L.E.S. System.” A system that is designed to provide solutions in a more holistic approach to problems surrounding businesses. It serves as a conscious effort to teach sales to people who aspire to become successful in more unconventional ways. This is also an avenue for improvement, and a means to veer them away from standard sales pitches often heard from sales agents in telephone lines.

From being an eyesore to the world of sales to becoming one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs through Team Momentum, Alexandra has successfully healed her battle scars from the past. Now as a victor living according to her own terms, Alexandra is hellbent on proving to the world that a couple of rejections does not make one less capable of succeeding, but propels a person towards better opportunities.

To know more about Alexandra Rene and Team Momentum, you may visit their website.

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