Ammon Rose Blooms as a Musician Despite the Challenges

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readJan 6, 2021


Music is a part of any culture and has been passed on from generation to generation. Some enjoy listening to it, but some are born to create. Ammon Rose, a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Utah, harnessed his innate passion for music through songs.

At a young age, Ammon was a firm believer in music and its beauty. Even as a baby, he started copying sounds he picked up from his surroundings in their small town in Bountiful, Utah. Receiving his family’s full support, one of his avid supporters is his cousin, Andrew Peterson, who also played a significant role in Ammon’s musical journey. When he was eight, Ammon and Andrew attempted to write their first song. Even though the music’s memory is blurry, and he only remembers a fraction, what he felt that day is crystal clear. That was the moment Ammon knew he would be a musician.

Carrying the burning passion for music, young Ammon tried to be a part of every event that has something to do with music from elementary school, junior high, and high school. He was a tenor in a choir and played percussion in a band. Ammon took every opportunity to grow as a musician by learning how to play the guitar, ukulele, and anything within his reach.

One of his milestones was his first performance, wherein he was asked to play the guitar in front of an audience. However, it did not go as expected. Ammon uttered the words, “I remember it pretty vividly. I was asked by a girl, that I liked, to play the guitar for her and her friend and they would be singing a song in front of our choir class! I got very little practice in and it showed. When it came time, I strummed the guitar, but not much noise was made because I wasn’t pressing on the strings hard enough and when a noise was made it usually wasn’t the right chord! It was a learning experience and I laugh or cringe when I think about it.”

The optimism and perseverance, combined with the undying love for the arts, made him push through, which led him to create his first hit song in 2017, a song was written for a girl he liked and gathered 40,000 views on YouTube. As his talents are being discovered, he landed his first record deal.

Last July, he created the song “It’s Over” featuring Abstract that received 10,500 streams from 80 different countries worldwide on Spotify in 5 months. The same piece was commended by most of the curator team when it was submitted as an entry for T-Pain’s contest and went platinum in their rating app.

When this young artist thought everything was going well, Ammon encountered some health issues that affected his voice. However, keeping in mind the learnings and virtues he holds dear, he continues to create more as he regains his energy.

“I have many songs written and even have some featured artists I’m working with! I’m excited to show the world, and I just want to make sure it’s exactly how it needs to sound before I release it!” said Ammon.

Make head on to his official site to stream his music and follow him on his socials for the latest news on how his craft blooms.