Artist on the Rise Shawn2Hot Sheds Light on His Music Career and the Development of the Volcano Music Group

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readApr 26, 2022

The world is filled with dreamers and realists; the dreamers keep their heads in the clouds while realists get themselves to work and realize their goals. Shawn Hall is among those who fall in the latter. Taking the stage name Shawn2Hot, he has built a solid foundation in the music industry as an artist and owner of the record label Volcano Music Group.

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Shawn2Hot always had a penchant for music. Growing up, he was fond of various genres, including oldies, reggae, alternative, and rock music. Inspired by the melody and lyricism, Shawn tried his hand at writing when he was ten, creating poems that would eventually turn into songs.

The would-be artist would migrate to the United States in his teenage years, New York City to be exact. Already a lover of music, he got his hands on Snoop Dog’s Doggystyle album, and from there, his life would change. Shawn instantly fell in love with hip-hop.

The rhythm and lyricism of hip-hop inspired Shawn to take his poetry and turn it into materials at 17. By then, he started making beats and got involved in audio production. His skills proved beneficial as they helped him produce tracks, formulate melodies, and write music without any professional training, laying the foundations for his career.

As an artist, Shawn2Hot adapted a style he describes as “thinking outside the box.” His works are based on his struggle being in a poverty-ridden environment. Shawn also describes his exposure to violence as a child, reflected in his gritty writing style and battle rap flow.

Shawn2Hot’s first single was “Can’t Hold Me,” which was followed by “Lust.” The second track brought the spotlight on the rising artist, creating a buzz in the underground hip-hop scene with over 100,000 streams. Shawn’s 3rd single, “Into You,” was aired on the radio by Power105 along with his 6th single, “Right Now.”

The artist will launch his album Volcano Music Volume 1 on May 27. The album will include features from StephG, Sabrina Foxx, Adrian Roxstar, Busta Rhymes, and others. Volcano Music Volume 1 will showcase Shawn2Hot’s versatility, creativity, and love for music, making the album a game-changer for hip-hop culture. So much has gone into the album’s making and publicity surrounding the release, and Shawn2Hot is proud to present his album independently.

Shawn2Hot’s album will be produced by Volcano Music Group, an independent label founded by Shawn. Sitting around waiting for a major label to pick his work up seemed like a pipe dream. But, Shawn felt he had to do something.

“I needed to take control of the situation,” said the artist. “I ran an online beat store which went under the name of Volcano Music. The motivation, vision, and resources were accessible. I decided to convert the beat store into a record label to be able to release my music.”

With the album set to launch soon and the record label on an ongoing journey, Shawn2Hot is optimistic about signing other artists in the future with the Volcano Music Group. In addition, he will be offering artist development for a successful music group.

“I want Volcano Music Group to be a household name for music and other business ventures,” said the artist.