Barefoot Rehab Fixes the Most Common, Secret Cause of Chronic Pain

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readAug 11, 2020

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are stuck at home. Lately, this has caused stress among people not only mentally, but it also manifests physically through muscle, back pains, and other pains that mysteriously pops up. Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic might have the answer to those mysterious pains.

Adhesion pains are caused by the binding of tissues that are typically not bound together. Adhesion happens when there is a disruption in the healing process of tissues, which then causes tensions. Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, a premier chronic pain relief clinic in Denville, New Jersey, focuses on these adhesions. Experts find the source of tension in a few minutes and then immediately proceed in removing it.

The only clinic certified for treating adhesion in New Jersey is Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic. They practice a unique test-treat-retest methodology model for resolving those recurring pains. Their methods are ideal for people who are not fond of having all the chemicals injected into their bodies or are not comfortable with others slicing them open for surgery.

Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic is founded by Dr. Chris Stepien, who took up a Bachelor of Science in Biology and graduated with honors from Franklin and Marshall College. He did not stop there; he also got his Doctor in Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College. Aside from having a scientific background, Dr. Chris also deeply understands the importance of the musculoskeletal system and injury prevention or rehabilitation from his own experience as a former captain of a football team in college. Aside from that, he also battled with depression and anxiety for most of his life. His experiences sparked a passion for helping others live a healthy and happy life.

In line with the founder’s visions, Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic prioritizes its clients’ well-being above anything else. The care they give is comparable to the care grandmothers give when their grandchildren visit them, serving a warm glass of milk with freshly baked cookies. Their experts genuinely care for their patients, treating each one as if they are family. People have lost their trust in people involved in healthcare mainly because they feel like they’re wallets are being sucked dry all for the false promise of having better health.

Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic had a patient that was scheduled for lower back surgery, but she decided to look for other options while waiting for her surgery date. She accepted treatment with Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, and after some time, she was in perfect shape, and she no longer needs the surgery. However, her other doctor kept on pushing her surgery date, implying that she still needs surgery even though her lower back is now in good condition. Another testimony is from a patient who had neck pains and already went to almost 30 neck specialists before landing in the doorsteps of the Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic. She said that unlike all the specialists she came to see, the experts in Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic take care of her physical and mental needs. She emphasized how the experts listened and, in turn, fixed the problem to the roots.

The vision of Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic in providing safe space not just for the body but also for the mind is soaring. They are working on being a wholeness center that cultivates other ways of healing, such as shamanism, energy healing, and psychotherapy.

Visit their official website for more information on how to begin the journey to living a pain-free and happy life.