BrokenGirl Unchained Explains the Power of Resilience

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readDec 1, 2020


Real strength lies in being able to rise after a tremendous internal struggle. True enough, resilience has its way of fortifying an individual, leading him or her to a path greater than one ever hoped for. Although the journey may be tough because of how often some people dismiss these internal problems as a way of seeking attention, others make it their mission to change this troubling perspective. As a person who has been battling issues on her own and eventually conquering it, Juliet Ramos wants to become a beacon of hope for those suffering psychologically through her platform, BrokenGirl Unchained.

With the emergence of a more open and liberal age, people have slowly accepted mental health issues as a real and actual health problem. However, others remain disdainful of the idea of dealing with psychological problems. Thus, mental health, albeit its seriousness, continues to be a subject of debate. As this problem persists, Juliet Ramos uses her platform — BrokenGirl Unchained — to inform society about the dangers of ignoring mental health and spreading awareness of its value to the people around the world.

Unlike other podcasts that paint the world with creativity and entertainment, BrokenGirl Unchained pushes for advocacies that are pressing and highly relevant to today’s society. It is a podcast that focuses on radiating positivity and healing while empowering various individuals towards realizing their potential. Moreover, BrokenGirl Unchained celebrates strength and resilience by sharing real and actual experiences from individuals and how they conquered their struggles.

However, the existence of the BrokenGirl Unchained podcast would not have been possible without the past unfortunate experiences of its creator, founder, and host, Juliet Ramos. Mostly recognized for her toughness in running the podcast, Juliet has had her fair share of struggles in the past. At 38, she was a divorced mother of four with an ex-husband who constantly abused her mentally. Not to mention her narcissistic mother prevented Juliet from receiving the support she needed from her parental home. As a result, Juliet was constantly alone in her battles — psychologically, socially, and financially. To make matters worse, Juliet was incessantly invalidated by those surrounding her.

But after fighting the relentless battles within her, Juliet finally decided to disallow these negative circumstances from overpowering her. So, she fought until she was able to firmly place her two feet on the ground. And when Juliet was able to muster enough energy, she went on a journey towards healing and found herself joyfully taking the reins of BrokenGirl Unchained.

Together with her business partner, Mike, BrokenGirl Unchained serves to shine a ray of hope by bringing a variety of guests, such as experts, professionals, celebrities, and ordinary people, to share their experiences and help individuals face their day-to-day struggles.

After the trials that he had to hurdle, Juliet Ramos has shown how becoming resilient can lead a person towards a better life. Through BrokenGirl Unchained, she hopes to inspire more people to go through life’s grueling challenges, one step at a time.

To know more about Juliet Ramos and her inspiring story, listen to BrokenGirl Unchained through its website.