Ché LaRhue Crushes the Pandemic Blues With ‘The Bored Games’

Under normal circumstances, overcoming boredom would have been just as trivial as picking an outfit for the day. But with the coronavirus pandemic taking over, what used to be trivial have now become significant matters to deal with.

And falling prey to the pandemic blues herself, Sharee was compelled to look for a way of stirring inspiration during these disheartening times.

Sharee Jones, a serial entrepreneur as well as a master coach, has gained recognition for her esteemed literary works, which she has written under the pen name of Ché LaRhue. Her very first book for adult readers, “A Diva’s Guide to Surviving a Recession,” will now be adapted into a short film for Amazon and will be produced by BPG Film and Television. The film adaptation will be featuring Jane, an out-of-work marketing specialist, as she navigates her way through the recession.

But aside from her debut work, Ché is also regarded for her other published books such as “The Nice Nice Book,” “Bully Me, Bully Me Not,” and “How I Got Here,” to name a few. And showcasing her versatile writing skills, the author has also released a children’s book series, “Anne Can! 123,” to cater to her younger readers.

Wowing the world with her creative flair, Ché was on a roll. But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the dire consequences thereof took a toll on her momentum. As a result, she suddenly felt unmotivated to continue editing her latest book. So in an attempt to spark the creativity back in her life, she shifted her focus to hosting her Airbnb comedy workshop.

While keeping herself busy allowed Ché to drive the boredom away, she realized that it was not enough to fill the void of being stuck indoors. But as she was scrolling through her mobile phone, a light bulb went on her head. It dawned on her that since she is resorting to her handheld device for entertainment during quarantine, other people are also probably doing the same.

Fueled by her newfound idea, Ché set out to create a platform where people can have fun and interact with each other using their phones and the world wide web. Thus, she came up with what she called ‘The Bored Games’ series.

Seeing the potential in her innovation, Ché decided to take things to the next level and build a company rooted in her game series. However, she was not able to move forward with the latter’s production due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns. But despite the said delay, she continued releasing more games and working on her ideas. Additionally, she also has an app that is bound to come out this summer.

With more and more people getting hooked on The Bored Games, the series has proven to be the perfect avenue where individuals from all walks of life can gather and share some laughs. It has become an outlet for getting rid of the pandemic blues while building friendships and strengthening ties.

To know more about Ché LaRhue and The Bored Games, you may visit their website and Instagram page.




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