Cody Adams Continues to Bring High-Quality Service to Mortgage Industry

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readJun 27, 2022


While the real estate industry is known for being demanding and exclusive to a large group of successful people, one mortgage broker continues to carry the weight with remarkable excellence — Cody. Accordingly, he hopes he and his company can become a standard-bearer for mortgage professionals everywhere.

Cody Adams is the CEO of Kinsfolk Home Loans and a visionary whose passion and aspirations involve driving people forward. This dynamic CEO leads at the forefront of his promising enterprise to pave the way for success-enabling paths for individuals and families worldwide. Cody has committed to helping people by making the mortgage process simple and free from confusion.

One of the values of Kinsfolk Home Loans that make them a unique Mortgage company is the way they treat their clients. “We care and treat our clients like family. Through strategic partnerships with lenders across the industry, we give our clients the best possible deal in the market,” says the Kinsfolk CEO. Adams wants to build his reputation of going the extra mile for his clients as they build their dreams through purchasing a real estate property. Kinfolk Home Loans warmly welcomes clients who not only aspire to have a home of their own but are also looking for relational and practical mortgage brokers in the industry.

On top of building healthy and long-term relationships with its clients, Kinfolk Home Loans is also a team of talented and highly professional brokers across the industry. Cody Adams makes sure that his team of experts is well taken care of by compensating them with generous pay. “We pay our brokers more than anyone else because our clients deserve the best service in the market,” explained Cody.

By esteeming the quality work of its brokers, who make significant contributions to the image and reputation of the company, this start-up enterprise has become a magnet of talented go-getters, turning Kinfolk Home Loans into an influential force within the real estate industry.

Although Kinfolk Home Loans already has a bright and exciting future, Cody Adams remains the man behind this company’s achievements. The CEO’s passion and commitment pushed the company to where it is now. Shortly, Cody envisions himself building a legacy beneficial to his future family and for individuals and families aspiring to acquire a home someday. “I love helping people translate their homeownership dreams into reality. At our company, we strive to improve their lives,” Cody Adams shares.

With his impressive experience in the mortgage industry, Cody Adams leads Kinfolk Home Loans toward a vision driven by a clear purpose. After seeing the industry become a place where transactional relationships are born, Cody decided to make a difference by bringing a fresh take and being a hands-on leader.

As Cody Adams strives to build an outstanding mortgage company, he looks forward to disrupting its transactional nature with diligence, one-of-a-kind service, and incredible relations with clients across the trade. Through the whole team’s efforts, he aims to solidify Kinfolk’s reputation and become a household name in the years to come.