Dr. Catherine Muldoon on Making a Difference, One Grin at a Time

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readDec 17, 2020


One underlying theme that success stories share is how powerful drive and dedication are in translating dreams into an ultimate reality. With how challenging the times have become, this duo’s importance can never be emphasized enough. These days, it is not uncommon for people to forget that it is still possible for them to achieve their goals as long as they stay committed despite the overwhelming amount of hurdles. This proved true for Dr. Catherine Muldoon, the esteemed founder of Smile Concierge Club, who has made her mark on the dental care industry.

More often than not, the past can characterize the path one will be treading on in the future. And as someone who used to struggle with having bunny teeth as a kid, Dr. Catherine Muldoon was extremely self-conscious about her smile. Through this experience, she wants to amplify how one’s confidence can change the trajectory of their life.

Growing up as an awkward middle schooler, Dr. Catherine Muldoon had gawky teeth that compelled her to visit the dentist on a regular basis. And after ending up as a patient of Drs. Goldstein, Garber, and Salama, her life has never been the same again. This marked the beginning of what would soon be known as Smile Concierge Club.

According to Dr. Catherine Muldoon, it took some time before realizing how big of a difference her visits to the dentists have made. In retrospect, those dental experiences have laid the entire foundation that has shaped the past two decades of her life. And now that she is taking the lead with Smile Concierge Club, she hopes that her brainchild would be just as meaningful and impactful to aspirants who struggled in the same way she did.

As an institute that upholds excellence, ease, and comfort for its clientele, Smile Concierge Club values having at-home and laboratory-driven services on top of its in-office and dentist-driven expertise. For this reason, the company has combined the best of both worlds to provide a collaborative approach to dental care. In its concierge concept, this up and rising powerhouse uses a comprehensive model that guarantees to deliver nothing but the best for the providers, the laboratories, and most importantly, its patients.

In an interview, Dr. Catherine Muldoon shared that Smile Concierge Club originally offered its services to Miss USA titleholders. And since this group of women is running on a busy and tight schedule, the dental company took it upon itself to bring its services to them instead. By attending to its patients’ needs within the comfort of their homes, the company has proven that it is possible to offer convenience without compromising quality and integrity.

Through its state-of-the-art technology, Smile Concierge Club is able to give its patients even more personalized and all-inclusive care. As a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) company, it can also be accessed from anywhere, using teledentistry. And with its highly dedicated team of dental experts and other specialists, it uses an arsenal of options like orthodontics to provide its patients the best smile.

For Dr. Catherine Muldoon, her success has only served as fuel to her desire to build a legacy. Through her story, this visionary leader hopes to inspire other aspirants to go all out in the pursuit of their dreams. And standing at the helm of Smile Concierge Club, she has proven how far one can go with unyielding determination and unwavering commitment.

Even with her established venture and highly lucrative career, Dr. Catherine Muldoon shows no signs of slowing down. Determined to keep going, she plans to continue demonstrating excellence and quality service in her future endeavors with Smile Concierge Club.

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