Esteemed Actor and Iyanla Superfan Akeem Mair Gets a Spotlight on Fix My Life’s Farewell Episode

Nicole Guerrero
4 min readAug 16, 2021

Akeem Mair has found steady success in acting as he appears in various commercials. As an actor, he is adept at conveying his emotions through the screen and has always been seen as a positive figure in the industry. In his latest appearance on the popular show, “Fix My Life!” hosted by Iyanla, Akeem shares his thoughts on his favorite episode from the show, relating his own life and past struggles and ultimately hoping to fix his own life.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Iyanla and her show, “Fix My Life!” The way she helped so many people overcome the obstacles in their life,” he shared. “One episode that really touched me was Iyanla’s work with Terrell Owens on episode 208, “Fix My Football Star Life,” explained Akeem Mair. The episode starts out with Iyanla asking Terrell, “Why are you back here now? From your heart, from your mouth.” He wanted to mention the media, but the media had nothing to do with why he’s right here at this moment.

This prompted Akeem Mair to ask himself the same question. The question alone stopped him from blaming everything outside of himself. He no longer wanted to be a victim of circumstance. Akeem thought to himself and knew that the answer was very simple, “I am right here right now because of me. That’s it!” That gave me power! Because if I blame anything outside of me, I unconsciously give away all of my power in my life!” expressed the renowned actor.

In the episode, Iyanla said, “There’s a man down on the field, and that would be you boo!” Those words deeply gravitated with Akeem, but an even deeper lesson really struck home to him when Iyanla told Terrell that he had racked up a lot of penalties in his life causing the destruction of his good name and reputation. Iyanla explained that if Terrell Owens truly wanted to heal, he must understand that his penalties were his own doing.

“Making excuses for why your life looks the way it looks, and these are penalties. And each penalty cost you what? Cost you yardage. Keeps you from scoring!” said Iyanla. Those very words truly resonated with Akeem, causing him to apply the same question to his life and ultimately try to fix it. For the past two years, he stopped blaming the world and started holding himself more accountable.

Akeem Mair started taking more responsibility and leadership of his own life. On March 8th, Bunim Murray Tv Productions sent out an opportunity calling for all super fans of “Fix My Life” about how Iyanla wants to hear from them for her final season. The network was planning something special for her goodbye, and Akeem wanted to be a part of it, so he registered.

“I told the producers how much Iyanla’s words to Terrell Owens affected me,” expressed Akeem. On March 22nd, Jessica Hubert sent him the contracts and instructions on a brief 15-second clip to introduce himself and a brief message of his favorite episode and how the series has helped him heal. “I was super excited and immediately knew which episode was my favorite!”

On April 29th, Rita Brezovay emailed an appearance and material release form to Akeem. That’s when he truly knew that the producers really loved what he had to say, so he was sure to appear on the final episode. “I was excited and told my mom, who was also a super fan of the show. On May 22nd, the episode aired, and my mom sent me a clip of the show from the show,” exclaimed Akeem.

His mother said, “I can’t believe it, son, you were seen by millions of people worldwide, and on one of my favorite shows, I’m so proud of you!” In the episode, Akeem shares the airtime with Oprah, who thanks Iyanla for everything she has done for the show. Akeem Mair is extremely grateful to Bunim Murray TV Productions, Iyanla and Oprah. “I’m going to miss ‘Fix My Life,’ but thank you so much for changing my life!” said Akeem.

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