Gloria Kloter and Glow Architects Leading the Way for the Architecture World

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readDec 17, 2020


Photography by Iris Van Nes

The world of architecture can be extremely competitive. But with her unmistakable talent and knack for crafting unique architectural designs, architect Gloria Kloter stands above the crowd. She continues to reach milestone after milestone through her leading architecture firm, Glow Architects.

Gloria Kloter, AIA, NCARB, CODIA is an architect and interior designer operating in the state of Florida and the Dominican Republic. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, one of the leading educational institutions in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She also completed her Master’s of Architecture at Universidad de A Coruña in Spain and Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Coming from the small country of Dominican Republic, Gloria’s family was very humble. She started working to pay for college and help with some expenses. Upon arriving in the United States, Gloria Kloter would receive some pushback when trying to get a US architect license, but she decided to give the endeavor a try. The process was far from easy, taking years of struggle. But without wavering, the determined architect kept pushing until she finally received her license.

The industry-leading architect and designer has over sixteen years of experience in her profession and has worked on various national and international projects. She began her practice in 2004 and later started her firm only five short years after. She started her way in the Dominican Republic initially, working on private commercial and residential projects. Gloria Kloter led the design and development of fashion brand Steve Madden’s store in the Blue Mall in Santo Domingo, which later appeared on the premier architecture publication, Aquitexto.

Since her humble beginnings, Gloria has risen to prominence designing various retail stores, restaurants, and residential projects. She has also placed her hand in furniture design and developed displays for multiple projects. Gloria would later move to the United States and pick up a license to practice in the State of Florida. Today, the award-winning architect leads her architecture firm, Glow Architects.

The firm’s team is a highly passionate group of design professionals who love to create spaces that bring awe and comfort to people. “Our designs are always about them, not us,” shares Gloria Kloter. “We enlighten the design process for our clients with realistic visualization, effective communication and genuine care.” As a women owned company, the firm is a monument to women’s empowerment. Acting as CEO and chief architect for the firm, Gloria hopes to set an example for women architects and women everywhere with grit, hard work, and determination.

Aside from remaining busy in running Glow Architects, Gloria Kloter also carves out significant time to get involved in the communities of Tampa Bay, Florida. She is an avid supporter of the architecture community and a volunteer who loves to give back to others in various ways. Gloria has volunteered in “Architecture in Education” at the Lee Elementary School for several years, an eight-week program that pairs professional architects up with fifth graders about Architecture. The leading architect is also part of the board of directors of the AIA Tampa Bay. She also started the Women in Architecture and Young Architects Forum Tampa Bay and serves as the chairwoman for both committees.

Gloria Kloter has received several honors and awards in her career, including the AIA Tampa Bay 2020 Kelley Award for helping young and aspiring architects. She also was spotlighted by NCARB, AIA Florida Architect Journal, AIA YAF Connection, and the Women in Architecture Tampa Bay in 2020. Gloria has also appeared in various publications, including HOY, Listin Diario, and Diario Libre in the Dominican Republic.

In the coming years, the Dominican architect hopes to continue creating more impact through her work and inspiring others to chase after their goals. Today, she runs a prestigious Architecture and design firm while also raising a child. She hopes to inspire other foreign architects, archi-moms and the general working population to keep pushing hard and aiming to thrive in their careers. Gloria also hopes to grow Glow Architects and continue using her company to create more projects for the Tampa Bay community.

To learn more about Gloria Kloter, visit Glow Architects’ website and Gloria’s personal blog site.