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Nicole Guerrero
4 min readJul 4, 2022

Account-based marketing (ABM) and customer experience (CX) have one significant factor in common — customers. It is customers that interact with your business daily, and their experience of your products, service and people has a dramatic influence on your prospects. The quality of your customer experience touches on conversions, retention, attrition, and more.

Likewise, ABM narrows the focus of your marketing efforts away from demographics, segments, and other large categories, instead favoring individual, usually high-value targets. This hyper-focused approach means that every piece of marketing collateral and each marketing message is tailored to an audience of one.

Because these critical concepts center around your customer ecosystem, anything that positively impacts your prospects’ and customers’ brand experience can have a measurable impact on your results.

So we understand how ABM and CX are related, but what do they have to do with handwriting robots? Far more than you might imagine. Read on to find out how a nondescript building in Gilbert, Arizona, filled with hundreds of ballpoint pen-wielding robots can help strengthen your customer experience, build solid customer relationships, and take your account-based marketing efforts to the next level.

How Handwriting Robots Can Positively Impact Your Customer Experience

Your customer experience is the sum total of every interaction your customers have with your brand. This collection of impressions spans your entire customer base, from the moment they first encounter you through every touchpoint along their customer journey. This journey might include the ad that first got their attention, the clarity of the instructions on your product packaging, the time they had to call your customer service department, and your social posts that occasionally pop up in their Facebook feed.

With each touchpoint, your customers evolve their opinion of you. Favorable interactions push the needle in a positive direction, while unsatisfactory interactions may cause your relationship to falter.

When you appreciate the malleable nature of your customer experience, you realize that each customer’s experience of your brand is only as good as their last successful (or unsuccessful) interaction. One bad experience can undo years of positive relationship building.

It’s essential, therefore, to build in as many positive experiences as possible to offset any potential negativity that might occur in the future. That’s where handwriting robots can make a significant impact.

Handwritten Notes Create an Instant Connection

Handwritten notes welcome customers into a conversation. They’re a friendly, heartfelt way to introduce yourself to prospects, welcome new customers, thank existing clients, and maintain meaningful relationships with all of your business contacts. Handwritten notes possess an emotional honesty that transcends other mediums because they take time and intentionality to create.

But the time investment isn’t a requirement Handwriting robots like the advanced models Simply Noted has been developing take the labor out of handwritten notes without robbing them of their authenticity. These pen-written cards recreate the subtle details and variations only found in actual handwriting. Using your CRM and marketing automation software, you can trigger personalized, handwritten notes for various business purposes as easily as you could an email campaign, but with significantly better results.

Your Account-Based Marketing Campaigns Will Benefit as Well

Account-based marketing strategies assume that high-value clients are more likely to react positively to outreach efforts that target them directly, treating them as individuals instead of numbers in a spreadsheet. Unlike standard marketing strategies that class prospects into segments or demographic groups, account-based marketing initiatives treat each customer as a single market, and tailor all of their efforts toward building meaningful, long-term connections.

Handwritten notes are tailormade for highly personalized, genuine moments of communication. The emotional connection that people experience when reading a hand-penned card has been conditioned into us for hundreds of years. They’re a labor of love, an effort-filled attempt to reach out over the gulf. They warm cold contacts, offer credibility in a warm market and elevate outreach to existing customers.

It’s difficult to find a better way to make your recipient feel seen and valued. Emails, text messages, and the rest of our digital channels are valuable for the business side of the business, but they fall short when focusing on customer care and relationship building. Only handwritten notes capture the immediacy of an in-person conversation in a written form.

Welcome Again, the Handwriting Robot Cavalry

It should be fairly evident that handwriting hundreds or thousands of cards monthly are out of the question for most busy executives. Their staff certainly has better things to do. Handwriting robots allow for robust handwritten gratitude and outreach campaigns at any scale desired.

This flexibility means you can craft individualized handwritten campaigns that speak to each of your customers while simultaneously mailing thousands of personalized introduction letters to your warm leads. Automated handwritten cards provide a human connection without the hand cramping, time-sapping effort.

Handwriting robots are an evolving technology that has reached maturity. Companies like Simply Noted are pushing the proverbial envelope on what’s possible with automated handwriting, and your customer experience will never be the same.

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