How Ross Palfrey Forged His Way to Success

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readDec 26, 2021


The road to success can be complicated and littered with challenges. In today’s fast-paced world, Ross Palfrey shows how having a clear sense of purpose is the key to making the journey towards success easier. Ross has continuously shown that the impossible becomes possible when one perseveres against the odds. The entrepreneur has become a pillar in his community for the lives he has changed and inspired.

Ross Palfrey grew up in a small town where the chance to be successful is limited because of poverty rates. Being from a middle-class family, his parents have constantly reminded him of the importance of education to achieve a great career in life. Ross took this lesson to heart, but his best friend’s death is what opened his eyes to the fact that life is fleeting. It also helped him realize that he didn’t want to do the bare minimum and not leave an impact.

By immersing himself in self-help and motivational books, he found a way to cope with the tragedy. He found the purpose and fulfillment he needed by focusing on self-development and later on took it as a sign to work on his dreams and be the best version of himself in the years to come.

Ross dipped his toe into the business world when he built his first start-up business in the form of an e-liquid manufacturing company. By 17, he made a gross revenue of $68,000 with his small vape juice business. At this point, he realized that his path was inclined to business and entrepreneurship. He closed the e-liquid business and started a vintage clothing company a year later at the age of 18. He was able to sell the clothing business for $10,000. He was floored with the financial growth he accumulated, the luck to find great opportunities, and the ability to accomplish them well.

The young entrepreneur moved out from his parent’s home months later to live independently in Ottawa, Ontario, to study business management and entrepreneurship at Algonquin College. However, he didn’t connect with the program enough to continue, and he dropped out after passing the first semester.

Ross then delved into a network marketing company, but instead of the investing knowledge and techniques he expected to learn, the company introduced him to the value of sales and leadership. This became a game-changer for him, and that’s when he learned the dynamics and worth of being an intrapreneur within someone else’s business. Not having much success in the network marketing company opened his eyes to what he wanted: to rise through the ranks of a notable sales company with his skills.

At age 19, he connected with a green energy sector company due to the insistence of a friend. Ross reached out to the CEO for an interview, and his apprehension about the company went away when he heard about its mission of saving the environment by providing high-efficiency retrofit upgrades. The positive impact of Green Savings Group on the environment and helping people save money made him commit.

Ross initially got hired as a personal marketer but was promoted to sales when his supervisor noticed his ability and potential. He and his partner were soon tasked with opening a second office in Ottawa. What started as a crew of five people expanded into sixteen sales agents and over ten marketing representatives within three months. Ross was 20 years old when he and his partner were assigned to Toronto, Ontario, for the company’s third location.

All of Ross Palfrey’s experiences developed his skills in leadership, and he was able to open up another office branch in London, Ontario, independently. Additionally, he prides himself in helping many vital leaders inside the organization to clear multiple six figures and manage their teams respectively. He now stands at the helm of a sales team of 25 consultants while managing three company branches in Toronto, London, and Windsor, Ontario.

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