Major Labels in Contact with Atlanta’s Next Big Artist One Side

Building a music career from scratch is a great deal of work for any artist and in a world where the music scene seems to be over saturated, standing out requires doing extra and going the extra mile. Atlanta, Georgia-born artist, One Side has a budding music career and while navigating intense competition, he’s sticking to his guns in terms of authenticity, catchy melodies and refreshing lyrics.

One Side’s music thrives on its uniqueness and has grabbed the attention of many key stakeholders in the music world. His blend of modern melodies with Hip-hop/pop has helped him create an edgy and catchy sound that sets him apart from many new-school musicians. Having a unique and refreshing sound in today’s music world can do a lot for any musician and One Side is leveraging that to command the attention of those that matter.

Beyond talent and everything that comes with it, One Side puts in work every day to create consistently as he hopes to operate at a level that many other artists may be unable to keep up with. In addition, he’s a firm believer in being prepared for opportunities; thus, he’s always ready and positioned to deliver the next catchy tune or just simply document any fresh idea that pops into his head. Though yet to release a full compilation project, One Side has some singles to his name such as “Boss Up” and “Real Diamonds” which have garnered millions of streams on digital streaming platforms. In the last year, he has taken time to improve his approach to his music delivery and over the next few months, he hopes to show those improvements in his upcoming songs titled “Dangerous Love,” Villain,” and “So Long.” These unreleased songs are expected to help him fulfill his promise of captivating and deeply-connecting music to his fans.

Despite still working hard to rise to the top of the Atlantic Music scene and a nationwide takeover, One Side is grabbing enormous attention from well-known artists and big players in the industry. Industry insiders have touted him as one of the most promising talents to come out of the vibrant music scene in Atlanta. More than the melody and sound his music introduces to audiences, his lyrics are impactful and touch on salient issues that the world needs to examine honestly and authentically.

One Side goes above and beyond with the quality of his music production with well-balanced mix, deep bass, soft and bright treble and a smooth edge. He makes sure to put in place everything he needs for a quality song and his audience loves him for that.

For a growing artist, things look good for One Side and his growing audience gives him renewed hopes that breaking into the mainstream American music scene is achievable now. He sees himself rising to the top in a few years, making good music and building a legacy for future generations of young people, artists and entertainers.




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