Meet HIM500, The Man Behind Recession Proof Xtreme

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readMay 11, 2022

There is something about finance that turns people away, may it be because of get-rich-now scams or financial education that teaches nothing but stuff one can find on the internet. One atypical mentor, Marcus Barney, better known as HIM500, is here to change financial education for everyone.

Learning about finance can be intimidating, yet HIM500 isn’t afraid to call out decades of financial shock and replace that with financial literacy that can equip anyone with tools and knowledge to build generational wealth. Of course, his mastery of the realm of finance reflects on the influence he has had with people.

In 2018, he mentored dozens of people and taught the power of credit and the disadvantages of a “cash only” lifestyle. This led him to make a difference in how they manage their finances, transforming their lives to becoming financial savvier. Because of his immense impact, he grew his Recession Proof Family, launching the Recession Proof Xtreme in 2020 with programs on financial freedom and generational wealth. For HIM500, this was only the beginning.

With Recession Proof Xtreme, HIM500 created courses and training that not only teaches new ways and solid strategies to take charge of credit but also in realizing how to unlearn the barriers between them and success. Slowly, HIM500 built a community who he taught and mentored, which in turn, encouraged others to equip themselves with financial education, just as they did.

Besides all these, his programs share out-of-the-box strategies to change credit into cash, live luxuriously without spending extravagantly, and build generation wealth. His vision was clear “to spread financial literacy to those who know what it is like to be Black, broken, and in America” which translates to the influence and motivation he spread to everyone who needed it.

When Marcus first realized this newfound success and influence, he didn’t want to tell anyone. That was until Eric Thomas told him something that changed his life completely. “If you find a way to change your family, trajectory, and you don’t share it with another man, you’re selfish.” Fast forward to today, RPX is a community, a “comradery” of individuals eager to change their lives, become financially savvy, create generational wealth, and more importantly, focus on letting others know about. Hence how this strong community of like-minded individuals was created.

“Many of our mentees have found a financially literate family which they can rely on for moral support to get through and execute the curriculum,” shares HIM500. “You are never alone within Recession Proof. We truly believe in teamwork making the dreamwork.”

With a growing team and growing community making a handful of million dollar days, Marcus says he’s just warming up.

HIM500 is passionate about growing the community he built, consistently showing them financial freedom is possible. More than just the complexities of learning finance and business strategy, he knows everyone deserves a good time.

Moving forward, Marcus and his community are taking steps towards creating a future where generational wealth is not only accepted, it’s expected. For HIM500, he’s looking forward to thousands more who’re going to learn about building a future generational wealth and transforming people’s lives.