Michael Hunt on Why Experience Matters in Mortgage Loan Broker Industry

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readSep 15, 2021


Mortgages can get highly messy over time. It’s hard enough that people have to earn enough to cover payments, and dealing with the complexity of all the technicalities is just cruel. But that’s why professionals like Michael Hunt believe that working with a licensed mortgage originator is entirely worth it.

After twenty-eight years in the mortgage and loans world, Michael knows more than a thing or two about the pain points that come with getting a housing loan and the one thousand and one solutions to get past them. He works with American Financial Network Inc., a longstanding company that now holds eighth place on the exclusive list of the nation’s most reliable loan providers for aspiring and existing homeowners. Moreover, he’s driven by a mission to give his clients the best experience possible, ensuring that the home acquisition and payment maintenance experience are as out of mind and straightforward as possible.

It wouldn’t be an unfair statement to say that the housing loan market has had its own fair share of complications. Many people have lost thousands of dollars or even rights to their own homes because they misunderstood the terms of their mortgages. Moreover, many have fallen trap into poorly administrating refinancing existing mortgages to solve their financial woes, causing more money problems than they first had.

That’s where people like Michael Hunt come into the picture. “I like to think of loans as a path, and our job as loan originators is to illuminate that path,” shares Michael. “It’s important for people in our field to regularly communicate status updates as your loan reaches certain milestones in the process.”

And many have attested to Michael’s ability to provide that level of illumination. His team also has the same commitment to open communication and constant client guidance, carrying a loan application through the application, underwriting, and funding process.

Michael and his team offer all kinds of loan solutions, including Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and Specialty products. Starting early in the process, Hunt gets to work, looking for the best loan for each client. He refuses to take a cookie-cutter approach to mortgage processing and looks for the most fitting route for each client based on their unique contexts. Given his decades of experience in the industry, he has seen all kinds of scenarios and has created a ready system that will match people with the best route possible for them to gain their dream home.

Michael Hunt’s philosophy rests on the belief that everyone should have the chance to get into the real estate market. He works with anyone regardless of life stage and goals.

“I’ve worked with people buying their first house and those trying to expand their portfolio with multiple properties,” Michael shares. “In all times, my team and I have been a quick phone call or email away from our clients. Anyone who wants to make it big in this industry needs to commit to that.”

Michael hopes to continue helping Americans achieve their home goals by providing expertise and timely execution to remove as much hassle as possible from the mortgage process and home acquisition journey. To reach out to Michael, visit his Facebook page or Instagram profile.