Mikki Mase’s Rise to Prominence: From Being In and Out of Prison to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readMay 11, 2022

Redemption is often found in the most unusual places. It takes a lot of effort to own up to one’s mistakes, and reformation isn’t always an option. The challenge of rehabilitation is often compounded by society’s way of judging other people based on how they look or based on what they did in the past. Mikki Mase is breaking the barriers and pushing boundaries, conquering life’s obstacles and attaining success through grit, hard work, and passion.

Dubbed Dirty Goth Boi, Mikki Mase is a renowned businessman who has founded several pharmacies, rehab centers, and clinical laboratories. Prior to becoming the successful entrepreneur he is today, he used to be homeless without a single cent to his name. Being in and out of jail was almost like clockwork in his teenage years and early adulthood, where he always found himself in a bind.

Tired of the life he led, Mikki Mase decided to move from New York to Florida in search of greener pastures. He managed to find work at a friend’s tattoo shop, scrubbing toilets and mopping floors in exchange for a roof over his head. “I was always hungry, never able to afford food, only eating when someone gave me leftovers. I kept quiet, though, and never asked for handouts,” shared Mikki.

Eventually, he was invited to work in-house for a rehabilitation center. This experience would become the turning point for Mikki, as he learned everything that he could and eventually started his own rehab facility. Since then, he has utilized his business expertise to expand his empire to include hundreds of pharmacies, rehabs, and clinical laboratories.

Mikki Mase worked hard and worked smart, which is why he has attained the level of success he has today. Not to mention, his genius-level intellect played a huge part in allowing him to scale his business empire. Mikki scored genius-level intelligence on all national intelligence testing; retaking the test each year to continue confirming its accuracy by board-certified psychologists.

Eventually, Mikki decided to sell his business enterprise at the age of 28. He has yet to have a chance to experience life in its new form, so he decided to sell everything in pursuit of enjoying the success attained. “For the first time in my life, I was a free man and could see what life is. I retired,” shared Mikki.

Now that he has retired, Mikki has found several ways to unwind, and his favorite among these hobbies is going to the casino. He is one of the most recognized high stakes professional gamblers in the world and is even hailed as the fourth most skilled baccarat player in history. He is banned from several casinos due to his skill, and it’s such a feast for the eyes to just witness him play.

Mikki Mase has also established himself as one of the biggest social media influencers in history, constantly rubbing elbows with A-list celebrities, hip-hop artists, entertainment icons, and athletes. Mikki is out to prove to the world that redemption is possible. All it takes is one split second for someone to decide if they truly want to turn their life around. He is constantly proving his detractors wrong for saying that “he is nothing more than a degenerate gambler who just got lucky.”

Truth be told, Mikki is one of the nicest, most well-mannered people on the planet; people just need to look past his self-adorned grungy, tattooed, gothic aesthetic and see him for who he really is.