Motivational Influencer and Inspiring Content Creator Nick Laureano Launches Equally Inspiring Clothing Brand “Only The Motivated”

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readSep 8, 2021

Nobody else does it better than Nick Laureano, quickly garnering attention for his positive attitude and his inspiring content. He is an extremely motivational influencer who stands above the rest. Compared to other influencers who are typically singers or dancers, Nick Laureano is carving his own path toward elevating others through his words, actions, and genuine personality that shines through in every video that he posts.

Launching his very own clothing brand called Only The Motivated, Nick Laureano aims to empower every individual who wears their clothing to feel a sense of power, purpose, and passion. “We feel it’s important for everyone to improve in every aspect of their life, and wearing our clothing gives you that exact feel,” explained Nick.

To Nick Laureano and his team, Only The Motivated is more than just a brand and a name on clothing. It’s a movement where everyone can express themselves to work hard, be themselves, and strive for the inevitable. The empowered clothing brand fosters a community for everyone that believes in the commitment to work hard and stay positive despite the issues that they face in their daily lives.

Only The Motivated welcomes each of its customers to the family, creating the stepping stone for all motivated go-getters to aspire for long-lasting success. “If they ever need someone to talk to, a form of positive influence and someone to guide them to their own experience, Only the Motivated is here to help,” said Nick. It’s clear to see that his genuine personality truly shines through with his clothing brand.

People have grown, changed, and developed their mindsets after speaking with Nick. He is a massive positive influence on the countless individuals he comes into contact with. There is truly a shortage of people like Nick Laureano in the world. Most people on social media are focused on self-improvement, self-growth, and their own path. Nick is here to help the world through the power of his words.

Only The Motivated initially started as a way for Nick Laureano to further push his positive message across the world. He aims to combat the typically raised prices of the industry by offering amazing quality clothing at a good price with a great message. It just makes sense, fitting with the mission that Nick Laureano himself aspires for the people of the world.

In the near future, Nick Laureano sees himself on the same grind, much like today. “I don’t think elevation will ever stop. The need to make people happy and motivated will never end,” explained Nick. “But I do see myself in a much more comfortable position by that point.” At such a young age, Nick has always felt the need to help other people. He sees that there is so much negativity in the world, with so much that is happening all at once; he wants to be a beacon of light that will guide the way toward positivity.

To know more about the amazing Nick Laureano and his ever-growing brand, Only The Motivated, make sure to visit the company’s official website.