Radikal Hughes, Empowering People and Communities Through His New Podcast and New Mentorship Program

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readMar 5, 2021

Cancel culture, industry-set standards of beauty, and the desire to fit in into today’s global community, among many other factors, have led people to police what they say and do rigorously. Highly pressured to conform, individuals now feel the need to express themselves in predetermined ways, and this has resulted in issues in authenticity. Driven to help people be at peace with who they truly are, Dan Hughes, better known as Radikal Hughes, is wielding the power of digital-based platforms to empower countless people worldwide.

This American songwriter, rapper, influencer, and humanitarian is on track to dominating another realm, dipping his toes in the competitive entrepreneurial space after making waves in the music scene. Primarily known for his eclectic sound and distinctive discography, Radikal Hughes has left a considerable mark on the Christian Music Industry, boasting a plethora of successful hits. He is the multi-faceted artist behind the acclaimed 2015 release “Radikal Nation,” an album that featured many mainstream and award-winning artists, including Grammy Award Nominated Artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H., 2 Time Grammy Award Winning Hip-Hop Duo GRITS, Grammy Nominated Producer and latin icon Rey King, R&B sensation Christon Gray, and many other successful urban artists such as Dee-1, Bizzle, Sevin, and Datin.

At the beginning of 2021, Radikal Hughes set his sights on the business world and wasted zero time by launching his new popular podcast called “The Radikal Marketer Podcast,” a purpose-driven resource geared towards empowering new content creators and influencers to build their personal brand and to find their clarity. Above anything else, the podcast hopes to lend aspiring creators a helping hand as they start building the venture of their dreams and translate their professional visions into reality.

Radikal Hughes, whose current initiatives and passion for helping others live fulfilling lives have not only earned him a reputable standing within the industry, but it has also helped to establish his first-ever mentorship program called “The Radikal Marketer”. His mentorship program delivers actionable strategies and advice on a wide range of topics, from how to start one’s personal brand, content creation, and various ways to monetize and capitalize off of today’s social media platforms to help establish their personal brands.

More service-oriented endeavors can be expected from this emerging powerhouse in the coming years. Apart from cementing his personal brand as an authority in equipping the next generation of musicians and influencers, Radikal Hughes is planning to provide more content through his podcast and online platforms, as well as create events and programs dedicated to giving everyone an equal playing field when it comes to gaining access to education and business opportunities.

Additionally, Radikal Hughes hopes to one day fulfill a very personal dream by starting a Non-Profit Foundation called Sherri’s Kids. In honor and named after his late mother Sherri Lynn Norlin, who tragically passed away from stage 4 breast cancer. This future Non-Profit Foundation would serve as an orphanage that would provide hope, and stand as a refuge for children without families in third-world countries.

In all of his future endeavors, Radikal Hughes aims not only to highlight the importance of authenticity and genuine self-expression in living one’s life, but Hughes is also committed to impacting lives and communities by empowering them, offering growth opportunities, and bridging existing gaps.

Learn more about Radikal Hughes by visiting his Official Website. Additional information about “The Radikal Marketer Podcast” can be found here. Be sure to follow Radikal Hughes on his Instagram Account and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel as he provides daily motivational content that is sure to inspire you.