RCA Public Label Drops “Game Changer” Plus Size Dress for the Holidays

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readNov 25, 2021

Fashion is for everyone, yet most plus-sized individuals find it challenging to find clothes that tick all the right boxes: stylish, fit well, and are made of good quality material. Fashion designer and journalist Renee Cafaro is well aware of these gaps in the fashion industry, which is why she has committed to providing high-quality clothes for plus sizes 16–32. With RCA Public Label, Renee brings a ready-to-wear line that serves the style needs of curvy women.

RCA Public Label is the debut ready-to-wear brand under the Renee Cafaro Atelier umbrella. Clothes from this label are proudly New York City-made. Renee makes it along with her team of BIPOC New Yorkers. Aiming to be more sustainable in their practice and revitalize the garment industry, all materials are purchased locally. From materials, patterns, to production, every aspect of the garments is made in New York. Local artisans are also fairly compensated for their work.

In 2009, Renee Cafaro dreamed of a dress that was stylish, versatile, and sexy. While her thinner friends had a lot of options, she barely had anything that would fit the bill. Finally, after years on the backburner, Renee’s dream dress was brought to life.

The designer shared, “I call it the Convertible Dress because it truly does it all! The dress has an adjustable hemline and straps, which means you can wear the dress in 6 ways. It also has built-in support for DDD+ cups with the incorporated moisture-wicking flat-packing bra.”

The Convertible Dress is so versatile and unique that RCA Public Label has filed a patent for the dress. Renee explained, “I put a lot of thought into the functional details of the dress. There are pockets and a hidden segment so you can add length to the back of the skirt. I have received a lot of feedback from satisfied customers saying they love this dress’s fit and craftsmanship. They call it a game-changer, and I could not be happier that they love this dress as much as I do.”

The Convertible Dress is available in three different iterations at RCA Public Label. The Red Convertible Dress is for ladies who want to make a bold statement with their outfits. This is made specifically for DDD to H cups. Women looking for a more appropriate dress for the festive season can go for the Velvet Sequin Convertible Dress. Made with black stretch lightweight velvet and covered in sequins, this dress is perfect for parties all year round. Finally, the Missy Convertible Dress features the same designs but is for women with smaller curves.

Renee Cafaro is fighting for plus-size consumers to have better clothing options. With RCA Public Label, she hopes that plus-size women will start to invest more in high-quality and locally made wardrobe classics that will stay in style for years to come.

“Most of the clothes available on the market for plus-sized individuals seem to fall into the extremes of clubby, fast-fashion or frumpy,” Renee said, “And I want to provide women with an option that will make them feel sexy and classy.”

RCA Public Label is the ready-to-wear brand of plus-size clothing under Renee Cafaro Atelier. Their patent-pending Convertible Dress is available in several sizes. For more information, you can visit their official website or follow them on Instagram.