Rising NFT Playful Pandas Helps Investors and Collectors Incite Empowering Social Change with Massive Potential Gains

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are on the rise, with various investors staking their claim and grabbing the opportunities for massive gains. Owning a piece of highly exclusive art can be a very lucrative endeavor, but Playful Pandas has a different goal in mind. Since the inception of blockchain technology and its rise in popularity, investors have been flocking to get their hands on the latest trends. Playful Pandas sets itself apart by becoming a sustainable NFT that allows investors to give back to charities.

Playful Pandas is an up-and-coming token with different designs on its trademark panda character. With 8,888 unique tokens available, the rising NFT has garnered a lot of buzz among crypto investors and philanthropists alike. Recently, the project got featured on the popular NFT YouTube channel Bitboy Crypto with Justin.

The project recently released a roadmap for things to come, outlining various community giveaways and charity projects for each milestone met. Playful Pandas was conceptualized by three renowned artists by the names of BigWangDan, Lozius, and Grmz. This is the same team that established the panda paradise online community known as The Sacred Temple. They envision the online community to become a virtual hangout for artists, collectors, and anyone with a heart to make a difference through social projects.

Once the company hits 10% of NFT licenses sold to collectors, the company will give out 20 Playful Pandas tokens to random owners. When the 20% milestone is reached, they want to draw lots and give away Mystic Pandas. Once 40% of the NFTs have been purchased, the company will reward five Ethereum for people who have journeyed with the project from the very start.

At 60%, Playful Pandas will give $25,000 to the World Wildlife Fund, then another $25,000 to a charity that will receive the most votes from The Sacred Temple community after hitting 70%. When the company hits 80%, it will create a liquidity pool for its Playful Pandas and then a hangout spot on Sandbox when it sells out.

Playful Pandas is on a mission to give back to the community, becoming one of the only social NFT projects that provide sustainable growth and success for its partners and investors. The company hopes to foster a strong community of individuals who deeply resonate with social causes and want to become a part of a global movement that helps fund charities. The project is more than just a typical NFT on the market.

The team of expert artists at Playful Pandas envisions their project to become a revolution of generosity and social impact while also giving people a chance to invest in a digital token that promises massive returns with each milestone.

A Playful Panda contract is currently priced at 0.04 ETH per token, including administrative fees with a limit of up to 20 NFTs per collector. The meteoric rise of NFTs has allowed collectors, creators, and investors to garner success on every turn. This new project aims to go above and beyond, allowing social change to come about in the process.

Learn more about Playful Pandas and by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram account and Twitter account for more live updates.




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