This Content Curator Is One of the Leading Brands for User Generated Content Across Different Platforms

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readJul 21, 2020

Daily Instagram users who enjoy memes and funny videos probably have come across Bitch’s content one way or another. The Instagram meme account has been bringing high-quality content to the feed since 2016 and has accumulated over five million followers.

Though all social media platforms are teeming with hundreds of thousands of other meme accounts, only a few have grown a following of more than five million users on Instagram. Fewer, still, can go on to say that they have created a polished brand for their accounts that can span across different platforms.

While everyone knows about the big titans of accounts-turned-brands, not too many people are aware of Bitch’s feat of expanding its brand over to other platforms. Over the last 1.5 years, Bitch has taken it a step further and pivoted its brand over to Facebook under the family-friendly moniker “Betch.” Bitch has also expanded to Tik Tok (@betch), YouTube (@betchvideo), Twitter (@betchvideo), and even the revival of Vine, Byte (@betch).

The audiences of other platforms have welcomed Bitch warmly. On Facebook, the page has already amassed a following of over 1.2 million users. On Tik Tok, Bitch is arguably one of the most successful and rapidly growing meme accounts with an aggregate following of 6.7 million and more than 482 million video likes.

Unlike other well-established media companies that are associated with the meme community, all of Bitch’s growth has been organic in that there has never been any cross-promotion or paid boosting behind it. Bitch has never run an advertisement before on the @bitch page but is open to breaking that for the right brand.

All of Bitch’s accounts make sure to post the newest and most recent viral videos every day, but in moderation to reduce it feeling like spam. Bitch does their very best to be updated with the latest trends, and sometimes even setting the trends themselves.

The best part of Bitch’s brand that makes it stand out from the rest is all of the content they post is fully vetted, accredited, and properly compensates video owners when possible.

There is a reason why content creators generally dislike meme accounts offering “curated” content: most of these accounts repost content and do not adequately credit and compensate. Bitch does not ever condone these types of behaviors and seeks to prove that meme pages can become successful while supporting everyday creators.

Ironically, for a brand named Bitch, they are one of the most principled and ethical brands that exist out there. In Bitch’s words: “Always ask for permission. Always credit creators. Always compensate when possible. Everyone eats!”

Bitch has a lot more plans for the brand, like becoming fully established on all social media platforms and fully monetizing where it is possible. Even the concept of releasing merchandise is not out of the equation and is expected in the near future.

Bitch certainly had not expected the growth that came through the years, but they did not hesitate to grab the opportunity either. Originally a personal account sharing memes, Bitch is now one of the leading brands for user-generated content across different platforms.

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