TMAC’s Cutting-Edge Software Helps Food Truck Owners & Catering Chefs to Take Control of Their Business

Nicole Guerrero
4 min readDec 27, 2023
Photo Credits: Helen Kramer

In the midst of the pandemic, when businesses were grappling with unforeseen challenges, a team of passionate entrepreneurs identified a significant problem in the mobile food industry. These entrepreneurs, led by Helen Kathleen Kramer, were not only determined to solve the issues but were driven by their love for supporting local food trucks and catering businesses. Little did they know that their solution would revolutionize the food truck & catering industry; as well as pave the way for thousands of mobile businesses to scale and grow through automation processes of their customized mobile app.

Three major problems were plaguing mobile businesses during the pandemic. One is the loss of customer data. Many mobile businesses had to rely on third-party apps to reach their customers, unwittingly giving away valuable customer data in the process.

These third-party apps used customer data to promote various businesses on their platforms, leaving the food truck owners and caters with little control over their marketing. There are hundreds of dollars in additional monthly fees once business owners emailed and began text message marketing.

Additionally, the use of third-party apps meant that mobile businesses had to pay commissions and additional credit card and payment fees, which ate into their profits.

Lastly, with several mobile businesses competing on third-party apps, it was challenging for individual food trucks to stand out against their competition and retain their customer base.

The team at The Mobile App Co. understood that even solving two out of these three problems wouldn’t be enough. The loss of customer data was the most significant hurdle preventing mobile businesses from scaling. Hence, they set out to build a groundbreaking software solution that addressed all these issues.

Fast forward to the present day, and the new mobile app developed by TMAC is changing the game for food truck owners. This app is designed to be easy to manage on the go, directly from a mobile device. The impact of this innovation is immense, ranging from real-time location sharing, easy and convenient pre-order and payment, and efficient customer data capturing.

With the new app, food truck owners can now share their truck’s location in real-time as it moves. This not only leads to a surge in orders but also attracts new foot traffic, translating to increased revenue.

Customers can now place orders and make payments well in advance, allowing food truck owners to plan their service days efficiently. This feature reduces waste and enables them to serve more customers, thereby increasing their earnings.

Moreover, TMAC’s app empowers food truck owners to capture valuable customer data. With a simple push of a button, they can send push notifications to all their customers, ensuring a read rate of up to 86%, far surpassing emails and text messages. This one feature alone will yield a lot of new customers for mobile food truck businesses!

The impact of this new mobile app extends beyond just the food truck owners’ profits. TMAC aims to support small business owners in automating various processes that previously cost them time, money, and resources.

Building customized mobile apps would typically require hiring expensive full-stack developers, costing anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. TMAC’s solution offers a more affordable and accessible alternative, bringing the benefits of mobile apps to mobile food businesses without breaking the bank.

The positive feedback from the food truck community has been overwhelming, with owners expressing their satisfaction with TMAC’s app. No longer do they have to worry about long lines affecting their service; the app allows them to manage customer orders efficiently, even giving them the option to set specific waiting times for mobile orders.

Moreover, TMAC’s solution is designed to be versatile and adaptable, helping businesses prepare for future challenges, including unforeseen circumstances like another pandemic or unpredictable weather conditions.

The story of TMAC is not just about developing apps; it’s a story of empowerment and transformation for thousands of mobile business owners. The company’s mission is to level the playing field and enable small businesses to thrive in the digital age.

If you are a mobile food trucker, a mobile pop-up or catering business owner, TMAC’s mobile apps offer a game-changing opportunity. Not only can you get a mobile app at an affordable price, but you can also experience immediate results as new customers start downloading your app. With the push of a button, you can communicate with your entire customer base, ensuring they receive your messages promptly.

TMAC’s journey is fueled by the desire to support local communities, and soon her technology will connect local farmers. By empowering food truck owners and other mobile businesses, TMAC is making a lasting impact on the industry, driving success and growth for countless entrepreneurs.

TMAC’s innovative mobile app has unlocked new possibilities for mobile food businesses, saving them time, resources, and money. By providing solutions to critical problems faced by the industry, TMAC is enabling these businesses to scale and grow like never before. As the company continues its mission to empower small business owners, the future looks bright for the mobile food industry, and it’s all thanks to TMAC’s game-changing technology.

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