Travis Richey Teams Up with Sean Crane, Ryan Stream, and Peter Meyerhoff to Bring a Powerful Message about Second Chances through Convicted Conference

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readOct 6, 2021

Many of those who currently enjoy a position at the summit of their respective industries managed to reach the top by using their failures and mistakes as a catalyst for profound growth, building on their experiences to do things better the second time around. Richey says “you will never be truly successful until you can use the pain of your past to push you from where you are to where you deserve to be.”

The importance of getting back up and barreling through the obstacles that stand in one’s path to success is at the heart of the initiatives launched by Travis Richey, Sean Crane, Ryan Stream, and Peter Meyerhoff to electrify audiences around the world with their story of hope and second chances through their startup, Convicted Conference.

“Helping entrepreneurs and other go-getters break down the limiting beliefs and design a life they are truly proud to call their own is the reason we started this business”, says Crane. Convicted Conference is the brainchild of four purpose-driven personalities armed with stories that speak of their resilience and perseverance.

An advisor, businessman, and motivational speaker, Travis Richey is a well-known figure in the personal development space. Over the years, he has raised millions of dollars, investing a significant chunk of them in more than twenty-five companies. However, along with his impressive portfolio of accomplishments was a regulatory oversight in the state of Arizona and 2 years in prison. The 17,520 hours he spent within the four walls of a cell would then become the framework for his new mission in life, fueling the establishment of AccomplishED Ventures. The cause-oriented company provides incarcerated and returned citizens a second chance, offering educational opportunities and job training. Today, it is the country’s largest prison content provider, making a difference in the lives of inmates in eleven states and over 365,000 prison tablets nationwide.

Hoping to inspire millions more in the right direction, this fearless foursome are amping up efforts to change lives around the world and let everyone know that biography is not destiny. “The difference between mediocrity and greatness is never the lack of resources, it is always the lack of resourcefulness” says Meyerhoff.

Sean Crane, who is driven by the mission to share life-changing lessons with people feeling stuck, is an accomplished life coach. This best-selling author behind the book, Prison of Your Own, spent over 2,000 days in prison and is intimately privy to the depth of a person’s potential waiting to be maximized.

Travis Richey and Sean Crane are joined by Peter Meyerhoff, a sober life coach who landed in hot waters as a troubled teen and found himself entangled in substance abuse and on the wrong end of a twelve-year prison sentence. The host behind the acclaimed podcast “Roll Call With Chappy,” Peter utilizes his platform to enable success for those who were dealt with a bad hand.

Ryan Stream, the fourth mind spearheading Convicted Conference, is a two-time war veteran, award winning musician, and motivational speaker operating under the goal of entertaining audiences around the world with his gift of music and in-depth knowledge about personal development. From homelesness and addiction to hero and father, Ryan embodies second chances.

Together, Travis Richey, Sean Crane, Peter Meyerhoff, and Ryan Stream will dominate global stages and inspire millions of lives to take action and live a life of greatness through Convicted Conference; highlighting people’s ability to rise above their circumstances and delivering messages of hope and perseverance in the process.

Learn more about the Convicted Conference by visiting the website.