Upcoming Gaming NFT Mintonians Join the NFT Community through the the Legends of Mintonia

Throughout the decades, the gaming industry evolved along with technological innovation. While pixels and 2D animations once dominated the industry, developers were able to render lifelike objects, people, and animals of all kinds for various genres. Among the most popular genres in the gaming industry today is the MMORPG. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have grown in popularity over the past decade with the fantasy genre, enticing a large portion of gamers.

Along with the innovation of video game graphics, the digital landscape has also evolved. As the world reached the epoch of technology, digital currencies were introduced with the arrival of cryptocurrency. The success of brands like Bitcoin and Dogecoins paved the way for non-fungible tokens to enter the fray. Much like collectable cards or oil paintings of Picasso, NFTs have become one of the most sought-after digital currencies for crypto enthusiasts.

Coming in various forms, NFTs have sprung up in mediums that range from digital art, music, video clips, and more. These digital currencies also started manifesting in the gaming industry with many play-to-earn games involving NFTs, one of which is the upcoming project, The Legends of Mintonia.

The Legends of Mintonia is an upcoming MMORPG game developed on the Mintyswap Network. The game is one of three projects developed, along with Mintyswap and Battle Against Fiat. A pay-to-earn game, NFT holders will be excited to get their hands on Mintonians, the main characters for the game.

Mintonians are the game’s mascot and part of a collection of 10,000 tokens. The NFTs are hand-drawn and uniquely designed with heads illustrated similar to cartoon fire. Each Mintonian generated comes out in various colors and unique accessories. Although the NFT appears as a 2D illustration, once holders enter the Legends of Mintonia, their tokens will be rendered into 3D characters, giving them a unique edge in the NFT community.

Another unique feature that the NFT holds is its breeding aspect between male and female Mintonians. NFT owners can hold them in the same wallet to produce Baby Mintonians, which in turn become sidekicks in the hero’s journey.

While the project is apt to attract the attention of NFT collectors and gamers, crypto traders will also be interested to take a look into the project as the developers have a huge utility on their crypto token project, Mintyswap. Mintyswap is a platform that allows NFT holders to mint and swap. The developers are assembling a community of creators and supporters who want to establish and grow an innovative economy through the blockchain.

“We aim to provide consumers access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, allowing them to exchange, or ‘swap’, various digital assets,” shared the team. “We facilitate cross-chain Dez between ETH and BNB and cross-chain swaps to conduct exchange settlements beyond the limitations of a typical, isolated Blockchain network.”

Mintonian holders will be excited to learn that ten lucky minters have the chance to win $500 a month for life with an extra $100 every month they diamond hand the NFT. Additionally, one minter will be chosen randomly to win “Minty Monroe” and $1 million. During its launch, this NFT was sold out and raised a whopping $500,000 in just ten minutes.

Learn more about Mintonians by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram or joining their Discord server.




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