Versatile Music Artist Seasickwavy Rises in the Industry

Nicole Guerrero
3 min readJul 4, 2022

Versatile and gifted music artist Seasickwavy has been steadily rising to the top over the past few years, redefining trends and disrupting the old ways of doing things in the business. His unique ability to cross over different kinds of genres, such as hip-hop to rock, makes him one of the most promising artists in the industry today. Seasoned music artists are drawn to his calm, dedicated, and hardworking demeanor, paving the way for impressive and rare collaborations that music fans love deeply.

Throughout the course of his colorful career, Seasickwavy, born Anthony Edward Caruso, has had the privilege of working with various well-known artists, including Kap G with the single “Pesos” and “Hold Me Down” with Daddex. Both singles have become one of the most streamed songs on streaming platforms and have reached thousands of people from around the world.

Seasickwavy became extremely popular when he appeared on the X-Factor in 2011, and did five rounds on television, but he eventually lost as he would only get a thumbs up from La Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. The latter instantly saw something special in him that immediately sparked the idea of collaborative work. Not long after, Seasickwavy was invited for an interview with Big Boy live, and it paved the way for new opportunities that added value to his personal brand in the music industry.

Where it concerns his music, Seasickwavy has won several music competitions at the LA Convention Center and received cash prizes. He eventually landed a deal with Warner Bros., but did not push through with any project.

Seasickwavy was focused on growing his career, creating songs, and promoting them, but he did not realize that a global health crisis would disrupt his momentum. Just like so many people around the world, he, too, went through a challenging season during the pandemic, and it was music that kept him going. Once restrictions relaxed, he soon found himself going on tour once again in Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, among others. Unfortunately, he had an accident while playing in a basketball league. He tore his Achilles heel and could not go about his normal routine for six months. On his return, he found himself back on the road again to WIFISFUNERAL in Santa Ana, Santa Cruz and Berkeley.

Just recently, Seasickwavy surprised everyone when he produced a song called “Again,” which highlighted his ability to sing rock. He also showcased his lyrical skills, which he successfully developed over time. Interestingly, Seasickwavy has another special skill, which is unknown to many.

“I Went to Golden West community College for one year and dropped out, then went to barber school, got a barber license back in 2012,” the artist explained.

Apart from being a prolific musician, Seasickwavy is also an aspiring actor who is currently signed to Avant Artist. He was born on Jan. 9, 1991, to an Italian mother and a Hawaiian father. He also adores his three beautiful children: Sophia, Sonny, and Anthony Jr. It is tough to say what Seasickwavy will do next. Whatever it is, there is no predicting.