Why David J. Howie’s Audacious Guarantee Has Homeowners Intrigued

We’ve all heard of guarantees that didn’t get people to move a muscle. But then there are those like the ones that David J. Howie makes that have people more than intrigued and ready to hear more. After launching a promise to pay $1,000 if he couldn’t find a mortgage rate better for aspiring homeowners, his company has taken off. And he is yet to part with one single dollar based on that wager.

David J. Howie, MSFA, is a licensed mortgage broker based in Serene South Lake Tahoe, California. He currently serves people in California and has done so with the utmost dedication to customer satisfaction. Carrying over two decades of experience in the industry, David brings a level of excellence and experience that puts him in the top percentile of mortgage brokers in the region.

The mortgage professional completed a Master of Science degree in Financial Analysis at the University of San Francisco. He combines his education with years of seeing action in the housing and loans category. As a result, his company has stood on the promise of providing their clients with the best rates they could find.

“How do I guarantee the best rates?” says David Howie. “It’s simple. I’m an independent mortgage broker with access to wholesale rates, and I mark up my fees 50 bps to 100 bps less than everybody else does.”

So, in essence, what that means is that a $500,000 loan would carry a fee that would generally be anywhere between $2,500 to $5,000 less than most people in the industry.

Before working in mortgage finance broking, David J. Howie served as the Chief Financial Officer of a significant mortgage banker in the industry. This experience would expose him to all the ins and outs of the world of finance and give him an in-depth knowledge of what goes into the macro and micro workings of housing loans.

Multitudes of Americans dream of owning their own home or growing their financial portfolio by acquiring more residential or commercial property. But the banking and loans system can often be too tedious for the average buyer or investor. Accordingly, this growing pain point gave rise to the services of people like David. They make the process simple and help aspiring property buyers more access to knowledge that would help them save considerable dollars over the long term.

Currently, David Howie runs iFinance Real Estate, a DBA of the company Aston Morley Real Estate services. The tandem has helped tens of thousands of clients find the best properties in California’s South Lake Tahoe area and match them with competitive home mortgage rates. The company also serves clients in the surrounding area, including Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, and other close-by California counties.

David believes that it’s essential that people gain access to a rate that they can afford. What keeps him up at night is the thought that millions of Americans struggle with monthly payments because they couldn’t find the best deal. Accordingly, it’s his utmost mission to make that less of an occurrence in the State of California by pushing the industry to give buyers and investors rates that would drive a homeownership revolution in one of the best property markets worldwide.

Learn more about David J. Howie by visiting his website and Facebook page.




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